GE Authorized Repair Smart HQ Tool

Register Appliance
October 12, 2022

Register Appliance Service is now GE Factory Authorized! Now we have direct access to GE smart diagnostic tools that will allow for quicker diagnosises and even faster repairs! This will help Register Appliance Service with your washer, dryer, refrigerator, oven, stove and microwave repairs for GE appliances in Rochester NY!

SmartHQ Service allows you to communicate directly with appliances for real-time diagnostics so you can quickly isolate and test components like fans, pumps and more!

Fast Accurate Diagnostics

SmartHQ Service stores diagnostics data captured during troubleshooting sessions in the cloud. This allows comprehensive access to historical service data of previously repaired appliances. All this data will help technicians understand performance issues occurring within the appliance.

More One-Time Repairs

With SmartHQ Service, not only can you quickly diagnose problems, but you can also see documentation, such as service bulletins, service manuals etc, to help resolve issues on the first visit.

Confident Repairs and Better Owner Experiences

SmartHQ Service enables you to complete repairs with confidence and easily share information with owners, confirming that the right problem is being addressed.

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