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Common Problems that Require Repair



  • There is frost or ice buildup in the freezer, particularly on the back wall

  • There is standing water at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment

  • There are puddles at the base of the refrigerator


  • Food in the refrigerator is freezing or icing over

  • Food in the refrigerator is warm

  • Either too little or too much ice is being produced

  • The digital temperature readout is high or doesn’t seem to match the temperature you feel inside the compartment

  • The sides of the refrigerator seem to be unusually hot

  • Food seems to be spoiling faster than usual

Mechanical / Electrical

  • The refrigerator is running more often than usual and/or is making a lot of noise

  • Doors no longer have a tight seal

  • Drawers, shelves, lights, etc. are broken

  • Refrigerator is making unusual noises

Oven / Range:

  • Items aren’t baking in the same amount of time as they did previously or aren’t getting cooked at all

  • Things are burning in the oven even when set properly

  • Gas suddenly ignites during the cycle or there is a noise like “poof” (gas ovens)

  • Burners on top don’t light consistently or don’t stay lit (gas ranges)

  • Burners have to be wiggled or jiggled to make them work (electric ranges)

  • Range hood or fan not working

  • Control panel is unresponsive

  • Broken knobs, oven door, oven lights, etc.

And don’t forget to service your oven and range every year! Not only does this ensure frustration-free cooking experiences, yearly service can prevent the following:

  • Grease buildup in the oven or on the cooktop can cause a fire.

  • A weak igniter can allow gas to build in the oven before igniting, which can produce a small combustion or explosion.

Washer / Dryer:

  • Poor wash performance

  • Noisy during the spin cycle

  • Sounds like something rattling during operation

  • Moving around on the floor

  • Leaking water

  • Giving an error code

  • Taking a long time to dry (this can also be a sign that you need a dryer vent cleaning)

  • Scraping or squeaking noise when the dryer is running

  • Burning smell or unit seems hot to the touch

  • Rattling noise or sounds like something is loose

  • Brown or black marks on clothing

  • Something just isn’t right and you know you need appliance repair



  • Standing water at the bottom of the dishwasher after a cycle

  • Puddles on the floor around the dishwasher

  • No sound of water being pumped in

  • Rust appearing inside tub, around the door or on exterior


  • Dishes not hot after cycle

  • Dishes unusually wet after cycle


  • Dishwasher is not starting

  • Cycles are ending before they’re finished

  • Odd sounds are coming from the dishwasher, or more noise than usual

  • Door doesn’t latch fully

  • Racks broken

And, of course, if your dishes are consistently coming out still soiled or scummy, it’s a sure sign that your dishwasher needs either repair or maintenance, both of which we can easily handle for you.