Can I Keep a Refrigerator in the Garage?

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January 4, 2021
Refrigerator Repair

A second fridge is a great addition to any home, not only during the holiday season when you may have an excess amount of food, but also for those who have large families, prefer to purchase in bulk, or like to have a place to store beverages. The question is, where do you store the fridge? If you’re asking yourself, “Can I keep my fridge freezer in the garage?” the answer may surprise you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about storing a fridge freezer in the garage, courtesy of the appliance experts at Register Appliance Service

Do You Have a Garage Ready Fridge?

A garage is a handy place to keep a second fridge without losing any of your indoor square footage, but certain criteria must be met to ensure the safety and performance of your appliance. Keep your garage fridge running at peak efficiency with these tips:

Learn the basics.

Knowing the basics of how today’s modern refrigerators operate is the key to successfully storing a fridge freezer in the garage. Because the appliance determines a need for cooling based on the difference in temperature between the interior of the freezer and the exterior surroundings of the unit, a garage that is too hot will cause premature failure and send energy costs through the roof as the appliance runs continuously in an attempt to keep cool. If the garage space is uninsulated or too cold, the freezing temperatures will trick the freezer into thinking it has reached the desired level of refrigeration and it may fail to turn on, which could result in damage to the unit and food spoilage.

Insulate the space.

Regulating the temperature inside the garage can be easily achieved with the proper insulation. Whether you opt to insulate the entire space or frame in a portion of the garage to store items such as your fridge that may be negatively impacted by extreme temperatures.

Keep your cool.

If insulation isn’t within your budget or an enclosure is impractical, you may find relief from the heat with a ceiling or pedestal fan, with a goal of increasing the flow of air across the rear coils of the unit.

Older is better.

Today’s appliances are engineered to be highly efficient and are more sensitive to changes in the ambient room temperature. Older fridges, by contrast, are more adaptable to temperature fluctuations and are often a better choice for a fridge freezer for garage spaces. There are garage-ready fridges on the market today that are designed to work well in extreme temperatures, but their hefty price tag may put them out of reach.

Hire a professional.

Make sure your appliances are maintained and repaired by a licensed, certified professional to keep them operating at peak performance and efficiency.

Keep it clean.

Routinely vacuum the coils of your garage-ready fridge and ensure there is proper airflow around the unit. Avoid storing items near or on top of the fridge which can prevent the air from circulating and driving up energy costs.

Fill it right.

Keep your spare fridge well-stocked, as the items inside help to maintain the temperature each time the door is opened, but avoid overstuffing the interior which can block the blower fan that provides cool air to the interior.

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